A Single Platform
For Your Home & Business Devices

One System To Manage, Monitor, Alert, and Automate

Standard Subscription

This version is for people that want to download, install, and operate OnSiteMonitor locally on your own computer system. All application configurations, devices management, and alerts are all managed by locally. Of course we are alway nearby to assist you as needed.

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Online Subscription

With this option, install the device and we provide all the rest. This includes scanning, alerts, and repoting for your devices. Additional features are available with the service which include, but not limited to, web portal, alerting, reporting, data integrations, and more.

While there are a specific list of devices that are certified for the Online Service, we have created 'Solution Groups' that help you to select devices to satisfy a common requirement.

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Options & Features

No matter the subcription type, there is a rich set of features & options to create an automated security and/or monitoring system for your home or business. Supported devices are publicly available.

We'll help you pick the right devices and help get them up and running. We have details for the supported devices including online links for purchasing the devices. Don't see a device you need? Let us know and we can investigate new devices for the platform.

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