What is OnSiteMonitor?

The OnSiteMonitor is a platform that allows you to use a single dashboard or web portal for your devices.

The are currently two types of OnSiteMonitor to choose from:

    Desktop Installation
    Service. This subscription allows you to enjoy the rich feature set without the requirement of installing the application on your own computer.

Get device statusDuring the device scanning, a status is captured from each device and analyzed. Based on a device status, actions can be initiated. Such actions can be to turn appliances on or off, emailing camera photos, or sending a text message with a custom message. There are many features available that allow you to create a comprehensive security and automation system.

Supported devices do not have to be from the same manufacturer. This unique feature is the basic premise of the OnSiteMonitor platform. Interoperability among the devices benefits you by providing a single web portal to check the status of all your devices.

Starting with v3.0, OnSiteMonitor comes in two versions:
1. Standard. This version allows you to install the application on your own computer and control every aspect of the functionality.
2. Oil Field Services. This version is a subscription service we connect your devices to our centrally managed OnSiteMonitor platform. The subscription service provides all the basic monitoring and alerting functionality of the Standard version plus some additional features like reporting and backend system integration with your accounting or other systems.

The following shows you how data flows throughout the OnSiteMonitor system.

Standard Version

Service Versions

Growth and Customization
A device is characterized as an object that can be monitored. This includes physical devices, disk drives, web pages, file content, and more. Physical devices are typically commercially available products that can be easily purchased on the Internet.

Start with a single device and add more as you need them them. Our supported product list is constantly growing. Device requests are always welcomed.

To see some examples on how you might setup OnSiteMonitor, visit the Usage Scenarios.

Types of Devices
The market place has an abundance of products that offer a wide variety of functionality. The current list of devices we currently support is a small fraction of those with potential for certification with OnSiteMonitor. As new technologies, products, and services are certified the information will be updated on our Device & Features page.

Native Vendor Apps
There is nothing in OnSiteMonitor that prevents you from using the mobile apps provided by any product's manufacturer. We realize that most products can have a phone app and we would not want to prevent you from using them. They usually offer functionality that OnSiteMonitor may not provide. OnSiteMonitor simply consolidates the functionality from all devices into a single web portal.