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The OnSiteMonitor System is a 12 month subscription service. Creating your account will start your 30 day trial which includes full functionality of the software. During this time, you are free to purchase and try any of the supported devices and rich set of options.

If your subscription expires, OnSiteMonitor becomes inactive including device monitoring, alertng, and remote access.

Order Form Before you can visit the order page, you need to create your account (see below). Once your account is created, the order form is available in a couple of paths. First, from within your OnsiteMonitor Console selecting "Help-->Purchase" option. The second way is to log into your web account and revisit this page.

Create Your Account. The web account is only created after you download & install the software. When you start up the OnSiteMonitor software, you will be prompted to create your trial account.

Product Packages & Devices. View the list of products or items you can purchase with your subscription. Devices purchased from OnSiteMonitor can be returned for a refund.

Devices purchased through OnSiteMonitor's web site qualify for a for a full refund. Refund requests will be considered only if products are received by Off-Site Labs, Inc. within first 20 days of the purchase. The products must be in the same condition and packaging as purchased.

Click HERE for a list of Supported Products & Services.



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