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OnSiteMonitor allows you to connect your DIY project!

We have made it easy to add your devices and DIY/custom applications with just a few requirements.
1. Develop your application.
2. Create your application entry in OnSiteMonitor.
3. Add the required data items to your application.
4. Deploy your device.
5. Add your device to OnSiteMonitor via the console.

You are responsible for developing and testing your application's functionality. OnSiteMonitor will report the status it receives from your devices(s) on the Console and Web Site. If your device is configured to receive commands, OnSiteMonitor will issue commands using the Console, Web Site, and events/actions. If your device does not respond after a few minutes, the device status will be reported as an error.

Application Requirements
DIY devices will be setup to run as Web Server. This means that OnSiteMonitor will poll your device for a status on a regular time frame. The polling frequency is usually within seconds of the previous scan. Your DIY application must be able to process the command set selected when the device entry was made. Once your device has been added to the Console, your device will be ready to start accepting commands from OnSiteMonitor providing the current status.

Your device will need to know the IP Address used by the Console computer. To obtain this address, you application will need to make a HTTP call with your Developer ID parameter.

HTTP Format:{developer_id}

The application you upload to the device must supply the following parameters:

  • WiFi Userid/Password
  • Account Id
  • Device Type
  • Device ID
  • Command Class
  • The first thing your application will do is acquire an IP Address from your WiFi router and update the OnSiteMonitor so the device can be polled and be sent commands. As a web server, your device is waiting for further commands:

  • Waiting for OnSiteMonitor to request the current status of the device
  • Waiting for OnSiteMonitor to issue an action command
  • Command options for your devices include the following:

  • STATUS - OnSiteMonitor is expecting your device to report a value that matches one of the specified commands for the device.
  • OPEN - Action command sent to the device.
  • CLOSED - Action command sent to the device.
  • UP - Action command sent to the device.
  • DOWN - Action command sent to the device.

  • Additional commands will be added as requested.

    When devices are setup in OnSiteMonitor, they can be configured for "Read Only". This means devices will only report a status and will not be allowed to receive action commands. Examples of this are devices that temperatures, light levels, water levels, etc.

    Numeric Ranges:

  • 0 to 100
  • 0 to 1000

  • Additional numeric ranges will be added as requested.

    Sample Applications
    We even provide example applications to get your started. The samples should be ready to run once you update the required data items.

    Additional Help & Information
    More information on developing DIY projects for OnSiteMonitor can be found in the Help document installed with your Console application. To display the help file, select the "Help --> Help File" option in the Console application.

    If you have a device, options, or anything else that needs to be added or changed, please feel free to contact


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