Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a Z-Wave device?
  • Z-Wave is a wireless technology that makes it possible to access and control simple objects in your home like lights, thermostats, sirens, etc. It also allows you to read values from other devices like temperature, humidity, whether the garage door is up or down. All of this information can become available to your smart phone or tablet. There are approximately 1000 different Z-Wave devices made by various manufacturers.

  • What is a Custom Device?
  • If you are a developer and would like to develop a custom application using a programmable microprocessor board, OnSiteMonitor is a plaform you can use to control and monitor. Typical devices that you can program and connect to OnSiteMonitor are the Raspberry PI computers, Arduino, and Netduino boards just to name a few. Currently, the only requirement is that the device be able to communicate with the Microsoft Azure Service Bus framework. This framework is used to communicate with OnSiteMonitor with commands and status updates.

  • How is OnSiteMonitor different from other systems or services?
  • OnSiteMonitor strives to make it easy for you to integrate devices and sensors from multiple vendors into a single system. You are free to add any supported product to your system. You can grow your system at any time as you see fit. OnSiteMonitor can detect motion from any camera we support. We support phone alerts with customized messages. Check out additional OnSiteMonitor Features page.

  • What equipment is required?
  • 1. Computer: The OnSiteMonitor console application runs on a computer that is operational 24 hours per day. All of the processing, device scanning, phone calls, email alerts, mobile updates, etc. are all accomplished on the computer you already have. 2. OnSiteMonitor Bridge: If you will be adding Z-Wave devices to your system, you will need to purchase and install the OnSiteMonitor Bridge.
    3. Devices: The end points added to OnSiteMonitor to turn things on/off, unlock doors, detect motion, camera photos, and play music, read status values, etc.

  • How can I find out when someone is at my door when I am not at home?
  • A motion detection device or camera can be installed and allow you to be notified when someone rings your door bell. A camera can also be used to detect motion at your front door. Whether you use a motion sensor or camera, email and phone alerts can be used to inform you.

  • How to I access my home from my smart phone?
  • You have access to your home’s automation and security devices at any time via a web browser. Simply bookmark the login page on your phone. When you need to check the status of say, your thermostat, just log in and take a look.

  • How many devices can I add?
  • Configurations can range from one device to multiple devices. It is not uncommon for someone to setup 15 to 20 devices. You can add WiFi cameras and Z-Wave devices to your OnSiteMonitor system. There is a 200 device limit on Z-Wave devices per Bridge.

  • Where can I buy devices?
  • Devices are readily available in stores and on various web sites. Before you purchase a product, check our Supported Products & Devices page. If you want to use a device and do not see it on our list of supported devices, send us an email and inquire about it. We may be able to get it added to our supported list of products.


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